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Christian Dior

Homme Parfum

Homme Parfum

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Dior Homme Parfum

Dior Homme Parfum is an exquisite olfactory journey with carefully curated notes that unfold in layers:

Top Notes:
• Tuscan Iris: A delicate and powdery floral note that sets an elegant tone.

Heart Notes:

• Leather: Rich and masculine, adding depth and character to the fragrance.

Base Notes:
• Virginia Cedar: Offers a refined and woody foundation.
• Vetiver: Introduces an earthy and smoky quality.
• Ambrette: Contributes a musky and subtly fruity undertone.

At its introduction, the delicate charm of Tuscan Iris sets an elegant tone, creating a powdery and sophisticated floral quality. As the fragrance evolves, the heart notes take center stage, showcasing a rich and masculine Leather accord that adds depth and character to the composition.

The foundation of Dior Homme Parfum is built upon a blend of refined base notes. Virginia Cedar provides a warm and woody foundation, while Vetiver introduces an earthy and smoky quality. Ambrette gracefully lingers, contributing a musky and subtly fruity undertone that leaves a lasting and memorable impression.

This olfactory masterpiece is perfect for those who appreciate a bold and luxurious scent, as Dior Homme Parfum gracefully evolves over time, making a distinctive statement of sophistication and sensuality.

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